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A Knight's Illusion by Melissa Wathington
Lady Leo Publishing
Romance - ebook
5 Stars

Lisette Adams has seen her share of bad luck. Her parents were killed when she was young and her first love has totally disregarded her. She left to attend college with the quest of completing her degree and joining the ranks of those searching for a successful career. Then she met her knight riding in on a white horse, Will, or so she thought. Lisette started to question Will's heart when her true feelings for an old friend came to the surface.

Tyson was a close friend of Lisette's. In fact they grew up together – his family took her in after the death of her parents. Tyson's marriage is shaky and he attempts to discuss his issues with Lisette but things didn't work out. A few weeks later he is in a deadly car accident. Lisette isn't certain that he will survive, so she sheds her heart while standing vigil by his hospital bed. Will Lisette be able to ride off into the sunset with her knight after all?

Wathington is a superb storyteller. The character development and vivid emotional details are magnificent. The flashbacks, romantic drama, and love left unspoken cumulate in a page turning romance. Wathington is definitely an author to watch.

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'Pitch Dark' by Brooke London. Available from

Review: Review By Madame Butterfly at
The author of this book, Brooke London, an author I never heard of, friended me on facebook and I decided to try her book. It’s her first book as far as I know and I must say, it’s really impressive for a first book.Pitch Dark is fast-paced thriller, which I couldn’t put down.
Alyssa is a young techy genius type who worked for the CSIS, Canadian Intelligence, as an expert computer hacker. It was a rough life though and having inadvertently been responsible for the deaths of some innocent people, she left and reverted back to her other love, music, and is living a nice quiet life playing in a symphony.
Unfortunately for her though, her grandfather has created a new, highly secret technology that can suck oil from the Alberta oil sands and he needs her to go to Connor, owner of a company who will financially back her grandfather, to check out Connor’s computer systems for security leaks.
While at Connor’s company/home compound in Colorado, she and Connor are chased, shot at and all kinds of things start happening. They blow it off as coincidence until two terrorist attacks on oil fields happen simultaneously in the world, and then one man who Alyssa thought was trying to kill her gets caught and it turns out he’s Israeli Mossad. At that point, Connor, who is ex CIA, knows there’s something more serious going on. When after all that her grandfather disappears, she and Connor decide to go to the CSIS to get help.
All the while of course, Connor and Alyssa find themselves intensely attracted to each other and get it on, but it’s not an easy road for either of them.
The Plot: this is a suspense novel and I thought the plot was well thought out and executed. It was intense, gripping, full of intrigue and totally plausible. Al-Qaeda are trying to control America and the world market by blowing up and messing with Saudi Arabia’s biggest oil well and the largest Alberta Oil sands all in one go.
Knowing about Alyssa’s grandfather’s new invention, which could make the world’s other biggest oil reserve viably extractable, taking away from the Saudi world oil monopoly, the terrorists decide to blow up her grandfather’s plant with a nuclear weapon, eradicating all of it. Of course, they are getting help from some inside US and Canadian Gov. officials who have their own agenda and need the formula, which only Alyssa and her grandfather know.
The romance: Connor and Alyssa absolutely sizzle together and the romantic part of this story was very sensual and profound.
I’m a huge fan of the reluctant heroine and in this book Alyssa is definitely a reluctant heroine. Where she differed from most reluctant heroines is that she really is screwed up. Not just that, “oh I suck so bad, who’d ever want me” reluctant. Nope, I mean, she’s so messed up that she does go off the deep end a few times.
She’s had such a nasty past, totally rejected and treated like a pariah from her father because her mom died giving birth to her. Then she went to live with her grandfather who wasn’t all that loving or warm to her either. Her fears of abandonment and the walls she’s built around herself are so deep, that when she starts falling in love for the first time ever, she totally freaks as those barriers start cracking. As a character she’s so well written and believable and I really liked her.
Then there’s Connor, the hero. When I started reading this book I was kind of in a funk about heroes. I’ve just read too many heroes recently that don’t really stand out. They’re all nice, really nice. The typical hero: honorable, broody, quiet, emotionally broken, blah, blah…and here comes Connor who is straight away nice to Alyssa.
The only difference here, and it was kind of refreshing, is that he’s normal. No screwed up past, not all quiet and emo deep, nope, he’s just a normal, well adjusted guy. And he gloms onto Alyssa in the beginning to the point where even she thinks she needs space from him, feeling he’s a bit too needy. Me too at that point. And so I though oh crap, not another boring goody two shoes guy who you think you have to duck out that back window to get away from for someone with some spunk.
But wait...out of nowhere, Connor starts showing that he’s got some major testosterone and he lets Alyssa know in no uncertain terms that he wants her and he’s going to do what ever it takes to have her and prove his love. Yes! Finally a hero with balls, but who isn’t the uber domineering alpha who doesn’t give the heroine a moment to breathe.
He really is that perfect hero. He jumps in and protects her, stands up for her, makes love to her with a raging intensity out of his deep need for her and fear of loosing her, and…he knows when to back off and give her space, not pushing too much after he gets what’s making her tick. Wow… I need more of these please.
Pitch Dark is one of the best romantic suspense novels I’ve read in a while. There’s a nice easy flow to Brooke London’s writing style and from this book, she has an ability to write well rounded, complex characters while keeping them from coming across as stereotypical and stale. Her ability to slowly build up on the plot and keep the tension going at just the right pace is just as fine. I’ll definitely be looking out for more of her books.
Sex rating: Crotchless panty- the sexual situations are written with a lot of intensity and passion, but with soft, non graphic, sensual language. This is not an erotic romance on that level. Still, very spicy though.
Grade: A
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'Murphy's Law' by Rebecca Sinclair. Available from Kensington Books.

"Rebecca Sinclair has penned a humorous tale of two unlikely people stranded in a snowstorm, thrown in a furry feline, and come up with a winner. Creatively using Murphy's Laws to begin each chapter, and tying the chapter directly to the quoted "law", Ms. Sinclair displays her unique and creative writing ability. MURPHY'S LAW is a winner." -- Romance Communications, 11/15/99

"Rebecca Sinclair makes the transition from historical to contemporary romance with panache. MURPHY'S LAW is witty, wicked and wonderful." -- Deb Stover, best-selling author

"Rebecca Sinclair shifts smoothly into this genre with a funny, heartwarming story about everything that can go wrong before two people find exactly what's right. An irresistible story for anyone who has ever felt as though "Murphy's Law" is in effect." 5 Stars!! -- The Word Museum
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'The Fire Still Burns' by Crystal-Rain Love
Review by Book Universe - 5 STARS

The last place Brynn Harlow wanted to step foot in was Black Bear Gorge. She hated the town as much as they hated her, but she had no choice. She needed money and was hired as a P.I. to investigate the string of arson attacks and possible murder of one of their citizens. Zeek Goods murder to be exact. The man who convinced the town she was a whore, which led to her leaving thirteen years ago. The man she detested most in the world. The man who kept her away from her only love, his brother, Adam Good. Now it was up to Brynn and Adam to put their mixed, unresolved feelings aside and catch the arsonist. Brynn just hopes she can do it quick before Adam realizes that all he thought he knew of what transpired thirteen years ago was a lie, and before he saw that Brynn’s son looked an awful lot like him.

WOW! Rain has been bugging me to read her debut novel, The Fire Still Burns for a while now. I’ve had it in my computer for months, but just got around to reading it now. I knew it was going to be good, I read her second novel, Moonlit Dream, and I thought it was awesome (Read the review here). But damn, if I knew it was going to be THIS good, I would have read it the moment I got it! I don’t really know what to say, everything sounds cliché and doesn’t feel like it’ll do her book justice. All I can say is that Crystal-Rain Love has a great talent for storytelling. She creates great stories with conflicts, twists and turns, and honest characters with flaws. She paints a clear picture of the characters and their surroundings, immersing one into her fictional world in a way that makes you feel part of the story. In this case, I felt like part the town of Black Bear Gorge, eavesdropping and gossiping with the best of them, gawking at Brynn and Adams' displays of affection. But unlike the rest of the town, we are privy to their intimate moments too, with eachother and by themselves; we hear their every thought, their hopes, dreams, and fears.

So instead of wasting your time reading this review, you should go buy her e-book! Why are you still reading this!? GO GET THE FIRE STILL BURNS BY CRYSTAL-RAIN LOVE (don’t you love her name???)

Today’s lesson: When Rain tells you to read her book, READ IT, like, YESTERDAY.
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'The Cowboy Way' by Cat Lovington
Review by The Romance Studio - 41/2 Stars

Chance McCabe was the trail boss at the Double Eagle Dude Ranch. He worked hard and wanted to keep his job. Fraternization with the guests was a reason for immediate dismissal. Maggie had been at the Ranch last year and was back this summer. She had never forgotten Chance. She was young, but she knew what she wanted. When Maggie left the ranch on Major’s back, the weather was fine. Lightening frightened both of them. Major threw her off and left her in the mud.
Chance found Maggie and helped her to his saddle and headed for the line shack in the remote area of the ranch. Maggie was determined to surrender herself to him regardless of his attitude.
Ms. Lovington did a great job of telling this story in a concise manner. I feel it’s harder to convey a storyline with a strong plot when the book is short. Nevertheless, Lovington managed to pen a great book. Her characters were strong and dynamic. They were both determined—each with their own agenda. The actions were explicit, but not uncomfortable.
The sex sizzled and the attraction was great even though they didn’t discuss the future. The ending was a surprise as was the actions that took place the morning after. It was definitely not what either expected. This was a great story which I recommend. You will be glad you read it.
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'Remember me' by Genella DeGray.
Available from Freya's Bower.

PNR Reviews
"A Fallen Angel never looked so good!!"
The story of the fallen angels, thrust from God's sight, is as old as time. There was one angel who Lucifer deceived, but God still banished him from his sight to the human realm. Dacious vowed to do what he could to earn a place back with the creator. He meets and falls in love with a human with an aura of light. Gemmah Parker is the apprentice to one of the greatest clairvoyants. From the moment Gemmah meets Dacious, she knows that he's something special. A lust filled vampire, Lucifer himself, and even the hand of God stand between Gemmah and Dacious.
I've never read a tale that included not only creation, but the birth of Lucifer as a Fallen Angel, and those that followed him. The writing was so seamless that it never missed a beat as it turned a well known story into a treasure written by Genella De Grey. Remember Me is a historical paranormal that will leave any reader breathless and wanting more. The ingenious mixture of past lives and current chaos created a tale so engrossing that from the first page to the last, I couldn't look away.
Gemmah fought for what she believed in, for whom she loved, and then she fought to set him free. Every emotion she experienced was written beautifully and in a way that could be related to with ease. Dacious, punished for eternity for a crime he'd not been aware he was committing made my heart break for him. His quest for redemption spoke volumes of his character. These two characters are memorable in that they fought past their flaws and never wavered from their internal light.
Genella deGrey has a gift for storytelling and I look forward to future tales from her. This is a treasure to anyone who needs a get-away read that has it all, romance with heat burning up the pages, a historical set in polite society, and even an angel or two.
Reviewed by Kristy Bock
Posted June 11, 2009
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