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If you're familiar with this newsletter, you will have probably noticed it doesn't have as many pages as usual. This is because I am busy working on a novel I would like to submit to a very well-known publisher *wink wink*. So for the time being, The Romance eBooks Newsletter will take a different course whilst I continue to put my time and effort into this project. Any queries about this matter, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Now, back to business. As usual, there is a huge amount of talent just waiting to be spotted. Harlequin author, Cindi Myers, is special guest and there's also author spotlights from Ruth Ann Nordin and Lynn Reynolds. Sara Simus introduces us to her blog, and contest winners from the last issue, Mary Ricksen and Dawn Gray earned themselves a page of their own by taking the time to enter in the hope of winning - and they did. So with congratulations to them both, I now leave you to frisk your way through these pages and enjoy yourselves.

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Hibiscus Bay by Debby Allen

'If blue skies, hunky foreign guys and glistening seas float your boat, then you'll love this romp on the beach romance that will leave you searching for your 'passport to paradise!'

Cocktail Reviews:

Like a short version of a M&B/Harlequin title, Hibiscus Bay delivers on all fronts with an exotic locale, wealthy foreign hunk, a good dose of angst, enjoyable love scenes and a HEA. I’d recommend this to any fan of the genre.

Simply Romance Reviews GRADE A:

I can honestly say, while reading Hibiscus Bay, I was touched by the beautiful twist of fate for Ashleigh and Remmao. This is the kind of romance we all dream of. Debby Allen captured so many heartwarming emotions of both her characters. The story inspires the reader to wish for Hibiscus Bay and a pair of sunglasses.......wonderful job Debby!!

The Long and Short of It Reviews:

Readers will also understand Remmao’s frustration with Ashleigh’s unpredictable emotional outbursts. Ms. Allen develops his character well; he’s a gorgeous Middle Eastern sailor with a body to die for and a heart that needs tending. The setting of gorgeous Hibiscus Bay is a perfect place for Remmao and Ashleigh to explore their feelings further, and those descriptive details are nicely presented.

Mistletoe and Ouzo Kisses by Debby Allen

'If a Greek Adonis found his way into your Christmas stocking, wouldn't you want to unwrap him?'

The Long and Short of It Reviews:

Never mind the Athenian skyline, the hot mulled cider, the glitter off the wave tops; the whole, mesmerizing Mediterranean world... Because this holiday adventure has barely gotten started! I am desperately censoring myself here, as there is so much more I’d like to mention, but the revelations are half the fun.Do read! 4.5 books for this completely charming Christmas romance. Allen got this recipe just perfect: Wonderful characters, delightful descriptions, and exactly the right amount of mistletoe!!

Night Owl Romance Reviews:

The title of this short story attracted me since I happen to love Ouzo. It’s Greek liquor, it’s very yummy (if you like black licorice, which I do) and it’s VERY potent, so I figured if the characters were drinking it things would have to be interesting. Well I wasn’t disappointed in this lovely tale about Marcus and Leah, friends and co-workers. This is a sweet short story by Ms. Allen and is a great quick read for a cold night. And of course you should have the Ouzo around to go with this story.

'Rendezvous' (Free read from The Wild Rose Press)

Full bodied, dark and continental. Can French men really taste as good as their coffee? Rendezvous Bar and Café is famous for its romantic encounters, but when Dana Lewis serves Luc Devereaux his café noir, she’s ready to pour the beverage over his head.


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'Author's of Romance eBooks' announcements.

'A Celtic Lover's Magic' by Lisa Alexander Griffin. Available from Freya's Bower.

Purchase link:
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You can find me here: or

Blurb: Liam Macauley inherits what he believes to be a mansion in Ireland from an uncle he’s never known. The moment he sets foot on Irish soil, nothing is as it seems. Caileaan, descendent of the Sidhe, ancient gods of Eire, the Tuatha De Danann, longs to dig her toes into freshly turned earth, toil side by side with a husband, birth his children, know what it is to be loved and alive as one with humans. In a battle of darkness and light, will the evil Fomhoire destroy the promise made to Caileaan, and thwart Liam’s chance to gain his hearts desire?

Reviews: "A Celtic Lover's Magic is an entrancing, hypnotic, and sexy read from new author, Lisa Alexander-Griffin. From the very first sentence I was hooked. Ms. Alexander-Griffin is a wonderful new voice in romance."--Renee Knowles

Two Lips Review/Five Kisses!
Dirty Girl Review/Four Stars
The Pen and Muse/Four Stars!
Dark Diva Reviews /Four and a half Diva’s!
Check out the book trailer!!

Excerpt: In her mind’s eye, Caileaan watched Liam enter the keep through the Gothic front door and sighed. She’d made her presence known the first day. Her wait was almost over, the prophecy nearly fulfilled.

Mortal, but not, Caileaan longed to dig her toes into freshly turned earth, toil side by side with a husband, birth his children, know what it was to be loved and alive as one with humans. For thousands of years, the people of Eire had deemed her people gods.

She wrung her hands. Intellectually superior or no, skilled or no, what difference did it make?

The Sidhe were not immortal as legend told. One well-placed blade could send them into the afterworld.

No intricately designed sword or other weaponry had ever been enough. The protection of trustworthy mortals remained essential. Hence, the need for the Macaula family.

Her Sidhe clan had been distraught when tired of the constant threat of the Fomhoire, Liam’s father moved his family to America.

Although separated by an ocean, her gift of foresight allowed her to watched Liam grow from child to man and she’d fallen in love with him. Not even the vast distance between continents had kept them apart.

Caileaan sighed, stroked a raven’s feather, midnight black, against her cheek. A gray mist swirled, and her body shifted and morphed. Feathers sprouted from her flesh. She flapped her wings and blinked.

High above Macaula’s Keep, she soared. Gliding, she settled into an oak tree near Liam’s bedchamber window. Soon he would sleep, and she’d join him in his dreams.

Liam strode into the room, tugged his shirt over his head and tossed it aside. Caileaan’s raven heart thumped quickly in her breast. Built like a warrior of old, Liam’s broad shoulders rippled. He stripped his jeans from long, muscular thighs. As if sensing her, he moved to the window.

A sensation of longing encompassed her. She dug her talon feet into the branch and concentrated on holding her form. The fullness of his pursed lips and searching amber gaze tugged at her heart. The mortal part of her desired to shift and claim his mouth, but she dared not. The time between dusk and twilight had not yet arrived.

Caileaan flew toward Newgrange, the quartz façade of the cairn a beacon in the moonlight.
She entered through a hidden entrance, opened an ancient, bronzed box and grasped the charm she sought. With the adder-stone secured around her wrist, she shifted, journeyed back, and lit on the mullioned window ledge. Soundless and in human form, she entered Liam’s bedchamber.

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SURRENDER YOUR HEART by Melissa Wathington
A duet of sensuous love stories sure to light a fire in you!

In How Do You Say Good-bye?
Jessica Allen is still heartbroken over her split from Alexander Galey, the man she thought was her future. When they come face to face, startling revelations are revealed, putting their whole relationship in question. Will they ever see each other the same way again or will they have to say goodbye once and for all to their love?

In Surrender, Monique Wurlin is determined if she works hard enough,maybe she could ignore the warm and crazy feelings that Jordan evokes when he looks at her with his heart in his eyes. She doesn't want to lose their special friendship and she most definitely doesn't want open herself up to possible heartache ever again. Can Jordan break down her barriers and help Monique surrender her heart? (Novella length)New UPDATED RELEASE AVAILABLE NOW --30 pages longer!!
Purchase at Romance At Heart Publishing

By Keta Diablo

Craven and Anthony find themselves in a cauldron of trouble while spying on Beresford Hall. A man in a black hood has routed them while they spied, and now he’s escorted them to the manor and secluded them in separate rooms.
One thing haunts Craven, the ice-blue eyes behind the hood and Anthony’s words, ‘Only one man possesses such eyes . . . Dominic Beresford, the most magnificent creature God ever breathed life into.’

Available From Dark Roast Press

A Gay Fiction Erotica Novella
by Keta Diablo

ISBN 978-1-59426-778-9
The exciting sequel to Crossroads!
Frank McGuire is beginning to think the City has become a melting pot for serial killers. Another maniac is stalking the streets, only this time the deviant isn't tracking Goth girls, but gay college students. Rumors surface that put Frank's life in jeopardy, and somehow he must protect Rand from the carnage about to unfold. What he didn't count on was Rand becoming the killer's next victim.
Elements: scenes of intense sexuality

Dream King by Tara Newlands. Available from Red Rose Publishing.

Mainstream Romance:
Urban Fantasy, Interracial/Multicultural
ISBN: 978-1-60435-236-8
Cover Artist: Kat Nisaá
Editor: Lillith
Word Count: 53,540
Release Date: May 21, 2009

Blurb: Octavian St James is a Luenan magi, a member of a secret magical race whispered of in human legends since time began. He leads one of three councils who oversee and monitor all magical operations on Earth. Octavian lost the love of his life in 1935 in an inconceivable act of vengeance by a rogue mage bent on his destruction.
During a dream quest, he realizes Amanda Carson; a successful Phoenix restaurateur is the lover he lost. In a desperate cross-country quest, Octavian set out to find her before his vengeful enemy can destroy them both.
Amanda believes the caresses of her dream man are mere illusions, yet little does she realize he is real and seeking her with passionate intensity. Can Octavian stop his vengeful rival from recapturing Amanda or will a tragic history replete itself?
Purchase Link:

The Daddy Audition by Cindi Myers
Harlequin American Romance
July 2009

Single mom Tanya Bledso left her hometown of Crested Butte, Colorado ten years ago, determined to become a big star in Hollywood. Now she's home again, feeling like a failure at both marriage and her career. The last person she expects to see is Jack Crenshaw, the high school sweetheart who once swore to love her forever. Both Jack and the town have changed since Tanya went away. Can she and her daughter find happiness here, and the kind of love that eluded them before?
Purchase Link:

Divinity Warriors 2: Fighting Lady Jayne
By Michelle M. Pillow

Blurb: Jayne Hart has earned her independence by becoming Divinity Corporation’s inter-dimensional boxing champion. Life is great, until a dirty fighter knocks her unconscious. Now, abandoned by the corporation in a parallel world, Jayne will use every weapon she has to be free once more. Even if it means running from her sexy new “husband” and spending the rest of her life in a primitive forest.
Ronen of Firewall longs for a woman to warm his bed and his home, but he had no intention of choosing a bride. In an unprecedented move, one chooses him. Never in the history of the breeding ceremony has a woman dared to lay claim. How can he resist the alluring Lady Jayne? She’s confident and sure in her decision to be with him—until their wedding night when she’s nowhere to be found. But, Ronen is not one to shy from a battle. He will find Jayne and, when he does, he has one particular “weapon” in mind for taming his seductive, wayward wife.
Purchase Link:

'Till Death Do Us Part' by E. Jamie. Available from Amira Press.

Blurb: Sara loved Connor, but he was from the wrong side of the tracks. They eloped and her father had him mudered or so she thought. Pregnant and desperate to escape an arranged marriage Sara married Connor's best friend, Aaron. When Connor returns very much alive, Sara is forced to choose between her first love and the new love she's found.

Purchase Link:


'Epiphany' by Regina Riley. May 2nd from Sugar and Spice Press.

Blurb: Chloe Bright suspects that her twenty-ninth birthday will be just another ordinary boring day, in her ordinary boring life. But she discovers that her roommate has moved out without warning, the library she works at is closing, and her parents tell her she’s adopted. Just when she thought her life couldn’t get any worse, a new roommate moves in, bringing a bizarre world of trouble with her. This sexy seductress reveals that Chloe is a nymph, with the power to bring a life changing epiphany to anyone she sleeps with. Can Chloe balance her newfound purpose with her over-amorous roommate, and still save her only source of real world income without losing her mind?
Purchase Link:

'The Vampire Legacy - The New Queen Rises' by Dawn Gray. Available from

Blurb: Ashley has always known she was different, that something about her set her apart from the other members of her family. Until she met the mysterious man next door with the grass-green eyes, she didn’t realize just how different.Julian Deveraux has seen many prophecies come to pass in his lifetime, but never one so close to home or to his heart. As destined events begin to unfold, he must choose whether to interfere or lose the woman who has turned his world upside down forever.Brought together by an evil enemy and pushed apart by duty, Ashley must face the man who destroyed her life, while desperately trying not to lose her heart, torn between two mysterious brothers. Can she withstand temptation or will she give in to the torrid triangle of emotions that may cost her the ultimate price?
Purchase Link:

'Murphy's Law' by Rebecca Sinclair. Available from Kensington Books.

Blurb: Murphy's Law Reigns Supreme...
What else can explain how Murphy McKenna managed to get herself stuck in an unexpected, early-in-the-season Maine blizzard? In a very remote cabin. With dead phones. And impassable roads. Could there be a worse time for a desperate, badly wounded man to show up on her doorstep?
Instinct demands Murphy not trust Garrett Thayer. After all, the man refuses to give her a straight answer about anything. Even her precious Himalayan cat, Moonshine, is suspicious. Who wouldn't be? Not only is Garrett hurt, he's also apparently been out wandering in the storm with nothing more than a duffel bag stuffed with money, antique jewelry (a bottle of antihistamines?) -- and a gun. Will Murphy's conscience allow her to turn her back on the handsome stranger who may be a thief, a bank robber, or worse ...?

'Hidden Fire' by Star Ferris.

Blurb: Alexa Chastain is a single career woman who owns a law office in Colorado Springs , Colorado . She’s content with her steady, predictable life. That is until she stumbles across Devon Munroe, a tall, hazel-eyed hunk of a businessman who is the legal representative opposing her sister Karyn. Though she’d prefer to ignore the brash, sandy-haired Munroe, she has no choice but to deal with him.

As tempers flare, sexual attraction crackles as Alexa and Devon compete to see who’ll come out on top in a competition involving wills, weddings and familial warfare. Hidden Fire is a novel featuring lightning-quick dialogue, deep sensuality and intriguing characters set in the Rocky Mountains.

More than just a romance, Hidden Fire offers a taste of mystery and suspense in a tale involving the sons of the wealthy Munroe family empire—all set against the backdrop of Pikes Peak in Colorado ’s second-largest city.
Purchase Link:

Divinity Warriors 2: Fighting Lady Jayne
By Michelle M. Pillow
Release date - May 15, 2009

Blurb: Jayne Hart has earned her independence by becoming Divinity Corporation’s inter-dimensional boxing champion. Life is great, until a dirty fighter knocks her unconscious. Now, abandoned by the corporation in a parallel world, Jayne will use every weapon she has to be free once more. Even if it means running from her sexy new “husband” and spending the rest of her life in a primitive forest.
Ronen of Firewall longs for a woman to warm his bed and his home, but he had no intention of choosing a bride. In an unprecedented move, one chooses him. Never in the history of the breeding ceremony has a woman dared to lay claim. How can he resist the alluring Lady Jayne? She’s confident and sure in her decision to be with him—until their wedding night when she’s nowhere to be found. But, Ronen is not one to shy from a battle. He will find Jayne and, when he does, he has one particular “weapon” in mind for taming his seductive, wayward wife.

Faire Justice
By Michelle M. Pillow
Paranormal Romance
Release Date: April 23, 2009

Blurb: Finding herself undercover as a serving wench at a Renaissance Faire, FBI Agent and mild psychic Leda Williams isn’t planning to partake in any role-playing games. She’s there to find a mace-wielding serial killer, which isn’t easy with everyone around her pretending to be in character. Not only does the entire village fit the Medieval-obsessed profile, but she’s already been propositioned by a few of the knights. Clearly, sexual harassment wasn’t around in the Middle Ages. But, when she sees the delectably gorgeous, magically seductive tournament champion, Sir Calum, Leda realizes there might be one knight she wouldn’t mind getting into character for.

'Chastity Flame' by C. Margery Kempe. Available from Ravenous Romance.

Blurb: Chastity Flame loves her job as a secret government operative. Shefoils criminal masterminds, travels the world, and finds new lovers inevery city. Then she meets art historian Damien Michelet in front ofone of her favorite paintings and discovers there's more to life thanjust lust (although there's plenty of that, too).
But Chastity doesn't have time to think about what this sexydistraction means while she's trying to uncover a vast computer virusscheme that will destabilize European currency and amusing herselfwith various lovers across the continent.
It's hard work saving the world-it can be lonely, too. Before Chastitycan make a decision about what to do about Damien, she takes part in adaring rescue of a geek genius, only to discover that the fellowoperative lending assistance is none other than Damien! On the plusside, now she won't have to explain her job-but what to do about thatrule about no romance between agents? Will she risk the security ofher country for some really wild sex-and the possibility of love?

'Remember Me' by Genella DeGray.

Available from Freya's Bower.
"Remember Me" is a paranormal/supernatural/historical romance which uniquely blends ancient spiritual philosophies, Judeo/Christian theologies, and vampire legend, intersectingthe angelic realm with our own.
Blurb: Thrice since the dawn of time their paths have crossed - and he's not about to lose her now... If he can remember who she is. But will Gemmah and Dacious's love survive the wrath of a jealous vampire queen and the malicious vengeance of Lucifer?
Purchasing Link:


Mary Ricksen won a years free promotion with the 'Authors of Romance eBooks' blog when she subscribed and entered her name into the contest held in the previous issue. I would like to thank everyone who took part, but there can only be one winner per quarter and this time, that was Mary.

I was born in Burlington, Vermont, and grew up spending my summers by the shores of Lake Champlain on Keeler's Bay. As we'd pull up to camp the first thing you smelled was fresh cut grass. The green earthy smell of water and the mountains in the distance, just hit me with the feeling that I belonged here. Six kids made a mad dash for the shore flinging clothes on the way. I didn't want to be the rotten egg!

I remember as I looked into the deep, clear, waters, of Lake Champlain a feeling would come over me. The sunlight made everything glitter and the rhythmic sound of the water as it gently lapped at the side of the dock, mesmerized me. I found worlds to escape to, in the reflections that flashed the brightness of day. A romantic, handsome, (of course), young man would take the oars of my rowboat and we'd glide over the Lake with each pull of his powerful arms. In my imagination I always got the perfect guy. Little people lived under the rocks and leaves onshore and would protect the pristine shores by making the rocks so slippery you couldn't walk on them. If I dove in the water, the cold, the sudden quiet, and the underwater visuals, spurred me further. At night, ah, at night the fireflies would flash endlessly and the stars were countless. To me the beauty was incomparable. I lost myself in the lake and the my many day dreams became fodder for my books.

I write time travel romance novels. I want to take you away with my words and give you that happy ending. I want to pull your heartstrings and if you let me I will. My first book Tripping Through Time is now in print. I take my heroine from her life in I am furiously close to finishing the second, Burned Into Time, it's a stant alone sequel to Tripping Through Time. I sure hope you enjoy my stories.

Tripping Through Time


What the hell? She knew this wasn't still in some part of that nightmare trip she'd taken. It was too real, the place too old-fashioned. She heard crickets and saw lightning bugs twinkle outside the window. A fly buzzed over her head and she listened to a mosquito or two, droning in their search for the rich, red blood beneath her skin.

She didn't hear the blast of car horns, tire sounds on pavement, or the grinding noise from trucks changing gears as they flew up and down the hilly countryside. It was so quiet, no music, no talking, nothing. Then she heard a latch lift and something large and furry jumped up onto the bed, knocking the breath out of her.

Anxiety left her speechless as the light from the open door spilled into the room and onto the bed she lay in. The dog lay next to her, warm and wild smelling, doing her no harm. The large figure approaching her now made her breathless, anxious. She knew it was a man; his silhouette was outlined by the light behind him.

When he reached the bed, he bent toward her, only to pick up the tiny piece of candle still barely burning. He lit a stained glass-covered lantern and placed it on the bed stand beside it. Keealyn stared into a pair of green eyes that reminded her of misty mornings.
Clean-shaven, his thick, dark chestnut hair flowed past the collar of his navy muslin shirt. It was opened halfway down the front, to reveal a smooth muscular chest. Very tall, lean, and brawny, well-defined biceps, triceps, and pecs filled his shirt. He had a slim waist and strong shoulders. His worn blue jeans were held up with a handmade leather belt, hung low on his hips. His skin seemed to glow in the lamplight in a warm, bronzed tone.
He was gorgeous.

For more information on Mary Ricksen, click on these links


Dawn Gray won an 'Author Spotlight' when she entered a contest and gave the correct answer to a question held in the previous issue. I would like to thank everyone who took part, but there can only be one winner per quarter and this time, that was Dawn.

Writing has always been a very relaxing hobby for me, something that I could use to step out of the chaos of my own world and create a place just for me. With three very active children and a school schedule that keeps me hopping, I love my written world all that much more. My eldest son actually wanted so badly to help with this spotlight that he came up with a handful of questions for me to answer and I thought it would be the perfect way to introduce The Vampire Legacy and its characters to you.

Q: Is The Vampire Legacy series?

A: The original title was Prophecy: A Vampire Legacy, but there would have been too many words with the subtitles also. There are five in all, based in the New London/ Waterford, Connecticut area, and a sprawling New York mansion.

Q: What is series about?

A: The first book starts our story of prophesized events, with the birth of a prince and the realization that Ashley Wolf has about her own royal vampire heritage. In order for the Prince to reign in peace, not only Ashley but also unexpected heroes must put their lives on the line for our future. Five different women tell the series as their lives collide with those of Quinn La Rouge and Julian Deveraux, two vampire brothers who hold the keys to the prophecies.

Q: Who are the main characters?

A: Julian Deveraux and Quinn La Rouge play a large roll in all of the books main plot. Julian is the gallant Knight-in-shining armor who upholds not only vampire law but mortal law as well. He is the peacekeeper among the large population of undead. Quinn is the rebellious one with a sense of duty and honor. He likes the darkness, the mischievousness that comes with being the black sheep amongst the wolves. With his darkness also comes the fury of emotions when the people he cares for are in danger. He is hell unleashed when he is provoked.

Q: When did you start writing this book and what gave you the idea for it?

A: The New Queen Rises was written 1999, while I was pregnant with my eldest son. He was in inspiration for Jackson Wolf, the child in the story, but what really started my mind working on the plot was a visit to Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford, Connecticut. The mansion in the story is based on the three-story sprawling house with over 200-acres of beautiful grounds and the view of the ocean from its back patio. While walking these grounds, I looked up at the house and imagined Julian standing there in the garden, needless to say, the plot just seemed to stick with me until I could get it down on paper.

Q: When is the next book set to be released?

A: The Light, the Dark, the Heart; The Vampire Legacy II is available at,,, and other online stores. It will be available at book retailers within the next month.

Q: Can people contact you for more information on you and your books?

A: Absolutely! I love fan feedback and comments, you can send them right to my email or check out for the latest on the ongoing Legacy series.


As I sat on the end of the ramp, I thought of a plan to get Jack back. I knew that my husband would have a few of his friends with him when we met, but all I could think of was to try to get information about Jack's whereabouts out of him, since he would never actually bring me to where they were hiding him.
I stood up and walked down to the waters edge, slipped off my shoes and bent over to roll up my pant legs, when I heard footsteps on the planks of the ramp. I turned and looked at Quinn, who was, surprisingly without his tan duster. He walked down to the edge of the ramp, with his hands in the pockets of his black Dockers. He wore a white dress shirt with them and he looked very good, for a change. He looked normal.
"Hi." I said and went back to what I was doing.
"Hello." He replied. "How did you sleep last night?"
"Lousy, thanks for asking." I replied and walked out into the water and looked down at the dirt below. "So, did you come to pester me about last night?"
"Actually, I just wanted to know if you were okay." He replied, quietly, showing a side of him that I rarely saw, and he looked at me as I glanced at him. "So, are you? Okay, I mean?"
"Yes." I said and splashed around in the water, then shrugged. "No."
"Which is it?" He asked and crossed his arms.
"I'm not all right, Quinn." I walked out of the water and walked up to him. I grabbed my shoes and stood just on the other side of him. "I feel like I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown and I have to meet someone tomorrow night."
"Whoever has my son!" I told him.
"Tell me what I can do to help you?" He asked me. I looked at him and sighed.
"You can't do anything. I have to do this on my own." I walked up the ramp away from him and he followed. I turned, looked at him quickly and sighed. "Leave me alone, Quinn."
"No." He said and crossed his arms again.
"NO? What do you mean no?" I asked him.
"My brother asked me to protect you, and that's what I'm going to do." He said softly.
"If your brother told you to jump off a bridge, would you do that?" I asked him.
"I'm just doing my job." Quinn said and looked at me in anger.
"I don't need your protection; I don't need your brother's protection, all I need is my son back." I said and leaned on the railing. "I don't see why the two of you feel the need to protect me all the time."
"Because Julian loves you; and because I care about you too." Quinn said and sighed, this made me look at him.
"Oh, please, I don't need this now."
"What do you want from me, Ash?"
"I told you what I wanted, to be left alone."
"Who has him, Ash?"
"You're starting to piss me off." I yelled at him, getting closer to breaking down.
"Yeah, well...good, maybe it will knock some sense into your infant mind."
"Infant? If anyone's an infant, it's you."
"Ash, I just want to help."
"If you want to help so badly get Jack back from my husband. If you want to help me, you can tell David that he's making a huge mistake coming between me and my son." I watched as his facial expression changed as I felt my eyes start to glow and my teeth begin to grow. "If you really want to help me, Quinn, stop this burning feeling in my veins, the anger that is driving me insane, and the fact that I just want to drop dead right here and now."
I was crying and ranting off the top of my head. I walked up to Quinn and hit him on his chest, then put my hands against him and leaned my forehead on his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and held me tightly.
"Shh." He whispered in my ear. "It's going to be okay, Ash. We'll get him back."
He kissed my cheek and put his head on my shoulder. I felt the strange tingling that flashed through my body as he held me close and then he started kissing my neck, then my cheeks, and he glanced at my eyes as he kissed me on the lips.
This started the fire, as his kisses became more passionate and my body responded to his, he unbuttoned the sleeveless shirt I wore and slid it down over my shoulders, as we knelt on the deck. I ran my hands through his hair as he kissed the hollow of my neck, then down to my breasts, where my bra exposed them. Slowly, he leaned me back to lay down on the wooden ramp. I grabbed at his shirt, pulling it out of his pants. He rose his body off from mine and unbuttoned the first couple buttons as he continued to kiss me, then I unbuttoned the rest, slipped it over his shoulders, and then pulled it off from him totally.
Slowly, as he kissed my bare skin and I ran my hands over his hard body, I realized what I was doing. He glanced at me, suddenly, his hair falling in front of his eyes, and looked me deep in my eyes. I reached up and touched his cheek, my eyes filling with tears.
"I'm sorry, Quinn." I told him softly and he sat up as I struggled to get up and began to button my shirt. "I'm so sorry."
I turned and walked away quickly, leaving him there, on his knees, with out a shirt on.


I live near Omaha, Nebraska which is the center of the United States of America. I am a stay-at-home mom of four children (all boys from ages 3-6), and I'm the wife of a military man (got to love a man in uniform!). But when I'm not being a wife and mother, I am a reader and a writer. Romance is, by far, the most interesting genre out there. I know this is just an opinion, but it's one I've acquired after years of reading and writing science fiction, fantasy, YA, and thrillers. I started reading romances two years ago and fell in love with them. From there, I started writing them and it's been a wonderful 'love affair' ever since. It took me 34 years but I finally found something that is my own that I can get passionate about. The fun doesn't stop with the reading and writing either. I have met some terrific readers and writers, and I have noticed that romance readers and writers tend to be the most enthusiastic and down-to-earth people I've ever met. Maybe it's because they, like me, love a happy ending.

And in the spirit of having fun reading, I'm offering two free romance ebooks off of my website.

An Unlikely Place for Love

An Unlikley Place for Love: The Disguises of Kate Tanner
Historical Romantic Comedy (rated PG 13)

Kate Tanner is getting more than she bargained for in this "woman disguised as a man" romance. Fleeing from her parents' killers, she disguises herself as Billy Ingram and leaves the big city Virginia life to work on a remote farm out in the middle of nowhere, North Dakota where the handsome, but aloof, Chad Walker hires her as a farmhand. Between trying to prove that she can handle the more demanding farm chores and trying to fit in with the other farmhands, she has her work cut out for her. Then, one morning, Chad discovers she's a woman, so she quickly makes up the excuse that "Billy's" sister, Kate, decided to come by for a visit. That's when things really get interesting. Lacy Montgomery is in love with "Billy" and nothing disgusts the woman. The farmhands are in love with Kate. She's in love with Chad who may or may not love her back. Her brother, the real Billy, shows up and she's forced to don on another female disguise to ward off Lacy altogether. Among the laughter and constant costume changes, Kate might discover that the most unlikely place for love is the perfect place after all.

Chad catches Kate (who's supposed to be 'Bob') sleeping naked in the loft...

The next morning, just as the sun was rising, Chad decided to collect the eggs so he could make scrambled eggs. He put three eggs into his basket. He wondered how many eggs Bob wanted so he decided to climb the ladder to ask him. When he reached the top, his jaw dropped for he saw a beautiful woman sleeping in the loft. Bob was nowhere in sight. The woman had long blond wavy hair that was spread over the pillow. She was also naked, and the blanket only covered the lower half of her body. He forced himself to action and quickly went back down the ladder. He took a moment to regain his composure.

"Where is Bob?" he finally yelled so he would wake her up.

He heard her stir.

"Where is Bob?" He asked the question louder this time.

He heard her gasp. She peered over the edge of the loft and looked down at him. She looked as shocked as he felt.

"Where is Bob?" he repeated.

She seemed to be struggling for an answer.

"Can you speak?" he demanded.

"Bob is at the outhouse," she replied. "He’ll be back soon. If you go back to the house, I’ll tell him to talk to you there."

He decided he wouldn’t give her a lecture about sleeping with Bob on his property. "While you’re at it, get dressed," he ordered before he left for the house.

He forced himself to calm down. He didn’t know what was worse. Knowing Bob was lying to him about sleeping around or the fact that he was so aroused by seeing the woman in the loft. It had been almost a year since he had any interaction with a woman, and the fact that she was naked only made it that much more difficult to forget how turned on he was. He didn’t recognize her. Was she new in town? He hadn’t been to town in ten months.

Five minutes later, Bob ran into the house, looking overwhelmed.

Chad was sitting at the kitchen table. His jaw clenched. "I do not approve of immoral behavior on my property. Send her home and don’t bring her back."

"It’s not what it looks like," Bob quickly argued. "I’m not sleeping with her."

"You expect me to believe that?"

"Yes. She’s my sister."

Chad scoffed. "Then what was she doing sleeping naked in the loft?"

"You saw her naked?" Bob’s eyes grew wide. Then he asked, "Did you like what you saw?"

He shook his head. "What kind of question is that?"

"Just making conversation."

How could Bob make light of this situation?

Bob sat across from him. "Look, she came here late last night. I had to let her stay here. She has nowhere else to go. I slept in the space under the loft, so we weren’t sleeping in the loft together. That would be gross."


With This Ring, I Thee Dread

With This Ring, I Thee Dread
Contemporary Romantic Comedy (rated R)

Ryan Jackson and Elizabeth Valentine can't stand each other. Unfortunately for them, their parents get along great and decide to play matchmaker in a very unusual way. In order to keep their jobs, they will have to get married and spend four months in a remote Alaskan cabin. They accept the terms but are determined that their parents' ruse will never work. And it all goes according to plan...until Ryan decides he wants to stay in the marriage. Then all bets are off.
Who Knew a Food Fight Could Lead to More? She threw two more eggs at him, but they flew by him and landed on the floor. “Stay back!”

“You’re having fun.”

“I am not!” she fibbed.

“I see a smile forming on your lips. You like getting messy.”

“Are you crazy? I have to clean myself and the kitchen up.”

“I told you I have the kitchen covered. And I’ll be happy to take care of you too.”

She knew she couldn’t hold onto the sprayer once he grabbed it. He was too strong for her. She shrieked as he sprayed water all over her.

He stopped and stared at her. “Aren’t you going to run out of the kitchen?”

She hesitated. If she did that, she would get the living room messy.

As if he could read her mind, he asked, “Can I do anything I want to you in this kitchen because you refuse to get the rest of the cabin dirty?”

She struggled to make her wet feet move but her mind refused to go. She was covered in wet flour. It felt like paste. How could she leave a trail of this awful stuff on the floor so she could get to the shower?

“I’m getting closer,” he warned her, stepping towards her.

She anxiously looked at the doorway. She turned to the eggs and threw one at his chest. Before she could throw another one at him, he took her in his arms and kissed her.

Five star review from shagadenise:
"This is the first book I have read from Ruth Ann Nordin, and I must say, it left me delighted, inspired, and it provoked my thinking in many ways. "With This Ring, I Thee Dread" is a mulit-faceted romance novel that contains not only love and passion, but the many life lessons that go along with it."

For more information about me and my books, please go to


Romance eBooks is now on Facebook! It's an open group so anyone can join at any given time. You can upload your book covers, make announcements on the discussion board or post a comment for all to see.

If you don't have a Facebook profile, just go to and sign up for your own personal free account. This profile will be your own and you will be in control of that. Then, when you have logged in, put Romance eBooks into the Facebook search engine or go to and just add yourself to the group listing. It's really simple and worth every authors while. And don't forget to promote yourself to the max on your own personal profile too, as Romance eBooks at Facebook will give you a direct link to anyone whose interested in you and your work. So keep yourself and others updated and join the group today. We're just one big happy family!


Cindi Myers became one of the most popular people in eighth grade when she and her best friend wrote and illustrated a torrid historical romance. The manuscript was eventually confiscated by an English teacher, who told her to concentrate on learning to properly diagram a sentence and was kind enough to make no further comments on the story itself.

Cindi never lost the writing bug. She became a journalist and wrote hundreds of articles for newspapers and magazines ranging from The Houston Chronicle and The Boston Globe to Ladies Home Journal and Popular Mechanics. Her first novel Patchwork Hearts was published under the name of Cynthia Sterling in 1999. As Cindi Myers, she has written thirty contemporary romances and women's fiction novels for Harlequin. Her stories have been praised for their realistic characters and true-to-life emotions.


Some of the very first advice I received was, Write What You Know. This was probably back in high school - a time when, like a typical teenager, I thought I knew everything, but really knew very little.

Write What You Know seemed really boring to me. I wanted to write about things I didn't know - things like great love and exciting adventures and deep, dark mysteries.

But none of those stories sold. Determined to make a living as a writer, I turned to journalism. Here, I discovered the wisdom of Write What You Know. One of the first articles I sold was to Modern Bride - an article about keeping love alive in a long-distance relationship. At the time my new husband worked out of town during the week and only came home at weekends.

To that advice, I added Write What You Can Find Out. I wrote about my won experiences, but I also learned to interview experts for their take on the topic. This approach served me well for fifteen years of freelancing both full and part-time.
But I really, really wanted to write a book. I was a history buff, so I took an area of history I was quite familiar with - Texas History - and wrote a historical romance set in that time period. And sold it. I wrote six others and sold them. Hey, this is great, I thought.

Then the bottom dropped out of the market for western historical romance and I didn't sell anything for 2 1/2 years. I went back to freelancing and continued to write books.

In 1999 my husband and I moved to Colorado. I decided to tackle contemporary romance and set my new story in Boulder, very near to where we were living at the time. I was writing what I knew and what I could find out about. The book became It's a Guy Thing! My first sale to Harlequin Temptation.

My thirty-sixth book overall is out in May. The Man Most Likely is the third book in a series I'm writing for Harlequin American Romance set in the real-life town of Crested Butte, Colorado.

Why Crested Butte? I'm a small town girl and wanted to write about a small town. Crested Butte is one of my favourite places. It's a quirky, fun town with a lot of history and a lively present. I thought it would be a great place to set some stories. It's fun to go there and do research (that Write What You Know thing again.)

Of course, writing about a real town comes with challenges. I have to get the details right, and I always risk offending the locals. But so far, I have received nothing but praise from the folks there.

If you want to catch up on the series, the first book was Marriage On Her Mind. The second, The Right Mr. Wrong received the Reviewers Choice award from Romantic Times Magazine for the best American for 2008.

Here's the blurb for The Man Most Likely.

Angela Krisova is living the sweet life as owner of The Chocolate Moose in downtown Crested Butte, and everyone's favorite actress in the local theater troupe. Plus-sized and proud of it, Angela knows she's not leading lady material. She's learned the hard way to avoid too-handsome playboys, but then she meets slacker-turned-hotel-executive Bryan Perry. Bryan has left behind his ski-bum lifestyle and intends to make something of himself. He's ready to settle down with the right woman, but he isn't prepared to fall head-over-heels for Angela. She's nothing like the women he's dated before, but is he the man most likely to win her heart?

I really love this story because Angela is not a 'typical' romance heroine. She's a size 16 and not on a diet - determined to learn to love herself just as she is, yet fighting the insecurities we all have. And her hero, Bryan, is the perfect man for her, though even he doesn't realize at first.


I also write for Harlequin Superromance, and you can look for my latest release from them Child's Play.This one is set in another real small Colorado town, Evergreen.

Playscape designer Diana Shelton is 40, newly divorced and is expecting her first baby. School principle Jason Benton mourns the end of his own marriage and is fighting for custody of his daughter. Neither thinks this is a time to begin a new relationship, but they learn that love can be found in the most unexpected places.

My Crested Butte series continued in July with The Daddy Audition and in November with Her Christmas Wish.

So that's my take on Writing What I Know - I take real places and real situations and give them a fictional twist and somehow a story emerges.

Do you as a reader enjoy reading stories set in real places? Or do you prefer wholly fictional settings?


Lynn Reynolds is a writer, a wife and a mom - although not necessarily in that order. A city girl at heart, she is currently trapped in Green Acres. Sharing her captivity are the tall, dark and handsome Matt; future astronomer and American Idol champion Chris; and last but not least, Tiger, the lethargic wonder cat.

In her other life as a journalist, her feature articles have appeared in major daily and weekly newspapers. A woman with attention issues, Lynn has been a child model, an actress, a stagehand, a secretary, a seller of ladies' lingerie and - in a brief fit of practicality, a computer programmer. Her secret ambition is to be a wench at the Renaissance Faire.

Lynn writes romances because she really does believe in Happily Ever After.

Readers can contact Lynn through her website:

Links:website -

blog -

newsletter -

Lynn's very first novel, Thirty-Nine Again, will be released by The Wild Rose Press on June 12, 2009. Lynn is contributing a portion of her royalties for this book to breast cancer awareness charities.

Short Blurb: Thirty-Nine Againa "chick noir" novel from debut author Lynn ReynoldsSo what's chick noir? It's like chick lit, but with guns and dead bodies instead of shoes. . .

On her first thirty-ninth birthday, Sabrina O’Hara battled cancer. This year, she discovers her fiancé Scott’s leading a treacherous double life. Now she’s on the run – from Scott, from the Mexican Mafia, and from one dangerously sexy Homeland Security Agent. Thirty-nine the first time was horrible. But can Sabrina survive Thirty-Nine Again?

Long Blurb: Last year, Sabrina spent her thirty-ninth birthday undergoing chemotherapy. Now, it's one year later, and her friends have planned a do-over birthday celebration. But Sabrina just wants to resume her quiet life with dull fiancé Scott, and she's reluctant to celebrate her good health prematurely. She's even relieved when the party plans get derailed by an appointment with Evan, her hot new personal trainer.

However, her relief turns to fear when she discovers a masked man ransacking her apartment. And fear turns to plain old crankiness when Evan flashes a badge and spirits her away with scary talk about witness protection programs and the Mexican mob wanting her dead. Thirty-nine the first time was horrible. Does she really have the strength to do Thirty-Nine Again?

Thirty-Nine Againa "chick noir" novel from debut author Lynn ReynoldsSo what's chick noir? It's like chick lit, but with guns and dead bodies instead of shoes. . .


When I started writing, I had no idea what kind of learning curve I faced. I thought becoming a writer meant nothing more than settling down in front of a computer and pounding away at the keyboard.
Ha! Doesn’t that showcase what I greenhorn I was when it came to writing.

Craft, POV, passive writing and white space were as foreign to me as the appeal of the “skinny jeans” celebs and rock stars seem to favor.

I decided to join a writing group so others could marvel at my natural talent. Good Grief! I had no idea paper could bleed.

I’ve often compared learning ropes of writing to swimming in murky water. Anybody can swim, but not everyone can find the shore. Becoming a writer takes hard work and practice. Yes, getting your booty into the chair is the first step, but developing the art of being a good writer takes perseverance.

Several red pens have had to die to get me to where I am today. I’m still working on my first MS, but my writing is leaps and bounds better than when I first started. Thanks to my wonderful critique group, I’ve been able to keep my head above water. I don’t know where I’d be if it hadn’t been for them.

I created The Lovestruck Novice with the idea that I might save other newbie writers from floundering their way through the learning curve. I post interviews every Friday where I grill established romance authors on craft and writing. Don’t worry, no authors are hurt in this process! I follow the quid pro quo mentality―I promo their work by posting excerpts and book covers.

A win, win situation.

A couple of months ago, I added Passion and Patter to my bag of tricks. For this blog, I scour through all of my Yahoo loops and make note of things like who has a new release, a kicking new contract or won a contest. I’ve been known to blurb their books in my quirky humor and=2 0post their book cover with a buy page link. I do it for free and like to surprise them with an email from me letting them know I promo’d them on my blog. I’m just a firm believer in ‘paying it forward.’

If you have the time to spare, take a gander at my blogs. I love comments and volunteers for interviews! Got a new release or news to Patter about? Drop me a line! and

I’d like to thank Debby for all the hard work she does putting out this newsletter AND allowing me to talk about my blogs! She’s sure sweet to take a chance on a newbie. Keep the faith and love the craft!

PUBLISHER SPOTLIGHT - White Rose Publishing

We're excited to announce the arrival of White Rose Publishing. On May 1, 2006, two writing critique partners, RJ Morris and Rhonda Penders, decide to open a "kinder and gentler" publishing company. That company was, and is, The Wild Rose Press. Their premise was to grow a "garden" where authors would be treated with respect, concern, and understanding. RJ and Rhonda wanted a publishing company that didn’t make authors wonder what was happening with their manuscripts. The two also believed that no one should ever again receive a form rejection letter. If the manuscript was not something the company could use, every writer who sent a query would receive a personal, prompt, and courteous letter of rejection explaining exactly why the manuscript wasn’t accepted and what the author could do to improve it. If an author was to receive a contract, the process would be as efficient as possible, and the author would be kept in the loop with communication every step along the way. In fact, communication was to be one of the key strengths of the company.

Almost three years later, RJ and Rhonda have successfully fulfilled their goals, and over five hundred authors in a range of fourteen different lines have been published at The Wild Rose Press, and a staff of close to fifty includes a Graphic Arts Department, Production Department, Proofreading, Marketing and, of course, Editing.

Continuing to cultivate The Wild Rose Press was to be the end of the story. However in late 2008, RJ and Rhonda became aware that some Christian readers and authors were reluctant to visit The Wild Rose Press catalogue site because of some of the non-Christian covers that sometimes appear on the front page as new titles the non-Christian lines are released. Not wanting to offend, RJ and Rhonda quickly bulit a White Rose portal at so that Christian visitors could avoid non-Christian content if they so chose. But, on further research, both agreed this was not enough.

VOILA! White Rose Publishing was born. With the experience of RJ and Rhonda behind it, along with the impeccable reputation and RWA recognition that The Wild Rose Press is upstanding, pays royalties promptly and on a regular basis, and is not a vanity or subsidy publishing house, White Rose Publishing sees its dawn as we move towards becoming the online place for quality Christian romance. We will publish books and stories in various lengths ranging from Rosettes, which are quick reads, to Roses, which are 100,000 word novels. All books over 65,000 words will be released in both print and ebook form. Anything less than 65K will be available as an ebook at a variety of distributors, including Amazon Kindle, Sony Ebook store, and Fictionwise, among others. Printed books will be distributed through,,, and can be ordered by libraries, bookstores through such distributors as Bakers and Taylor and Ingram.

As a new publishing venture, we are actively seeking quality submissions in all romance subgenre. Senior Editor Nicola Martinez, holds to strict guidelines of what is and isn’t acceptable for a White Rose book. While we will publish some titles that might be considered “edgy” according to regular CBA guidelines, with her team of three editors, Ms. Martinez will work hard to bring readers entertaining, quality stories that also glorify Christ by upholding a strict code of Christian values. For informaton on how to submit, please read our submission guidellines below.

Submission Guidelines
We publish romance in a variety of lengths:
Rosette Between 7,500 and 20,000 words (ebook)Miniature Rose Between 20,001 and 40,000 words (ebook)Rosebud Between 40,001 and 65,000 words (ebook)Rose Between 65,001 and 100,000 words (ebook & print)

We only publish ROMANCE. Although we take all romance sub-genre, every story must have romance as a strong element and in ALL lengths. This includes short stories. Please do not submit women's fiction, poetry, science fiction, fanfiction, or any type of nonfiction. For more information on how we define ROMANCE, please read the pertinent articles listed here.
If you are already a White Rose Author and would like to submit a query to your editor, you may do so directly, but please follow the formatting guidelines as stated below.

As in every romance, the focus of a White Rose story should be the conflict between the main characters. These stories encompass protagonists who may, or may not, be spiritual at the onset, but come to realize that faith is a cornerstone of love. Protagonists should possess layered, three-dimensional, personalities. They should be people who struggle with decisions on a regular basis, using their existent or burgeoning faith to augment their growth both, together, and as Christians. Remember, Christians are emboldened by their faith, not burdened by it. Protagonists' backgrounds do not have to be exemplary, but in the current story line, protagonists must have already come to terms with those issues which do not live up to Christian morality and virtue; their past immorality should not be overtly displayed on the page, but should be the catalyst for their internal conflict and growth.

White Rose books should convey life as it is lived, or can be lived, by people of faith. Because life can be humorous, mysterious, hazardous, and even a bit otherworldly, with angels popping in at times, White Rose books can encompass a variety of elements. The setting for White Rose books can be contemporary, historical or futuristic. They can be straight romances or include other factors such as mystery, suspense or supernatural elements, etc; however, an element of faith must be present in all White Rose stories-without becoming overbearing or preachy. (Please specify in your proposal if your story includes elements beyond simple romance. Also, please take note that supernatural themes are not the same as paranormal themes. Supernatural themes must be limited to Christian elements [e.g. Angels would be acceptable; a talking witch's familiar would not.])

White Roses should have an emotional rise and fall; however, the characters should not make love unless they are married, and then it should be behind closed doors. Feel free to delve into sensitive topics (e.g. infertility, terminal illness, infidelity), subjects that affect real people, but without profanity or nudity. There are no detailed love scenes in these accounts, but natural sexual tension is encouraged. We want to feel the emotion the hero and heroine feel for one another, not explicitly see the physical culmination of those feelings.

Protagonists should be Christian, or should be discovering Christianity. Elements of non-Christian faiths may be present in the story, but issues which deny the essence of mainline Christianity must not be conveyed as acceptable. (e.g. Denying the Trinity [One God in Three Persons] or denying the divinity of Christ, etc. would not work if conveyed as acceptable; however, showing someone struggling with these beliefs, and then coming to realize the truth of Christianity, might work.) Please specify in your query if your story includes elements of non-Christian religious beliefs, and briefly describe how they are handled within the story, and why they are essential to the plot.
Finally, to get a real sense of what White Rose editors like to see, we recommend reading some of our already-available titles.

When you're ready to submit, please use the following procedure:
send an email to whitequery (at)
Include your query in the body of the email (any email that includes attachments will be deleted without being opened)
In the SUBJECT LINE type: WRP Submission--Title of Manuscript
Make sure your query includes all pertinent information such as total word count, whether your story is complete, any relevant sub-genre, and any pertinent writing credits. (Note, however, that submissions from unpublished writers receive the same consideration as those from published authors.)
Also include a one-to-two page synopsis, pasted into the body of the email. (Again, no attachments, please.)

Formatting Guidelines:
When your full or partial manuscript is requested, please be sure it is formatted to the following specifications:
Manuscripts should be typed double spaced in Times New Roman, or some other Serif font.
Margins should be one inch all around.
Your name and the manuscript title should be a header on every page.
Be sure to send your entire submission in one file. (If you have your chapters in separate files, merge them before submitting.)
Files should be in .doc or .rtf format


At The Sony eBook Store, you can access tens of thousands of ebooks at The eBook Store from Sony. And using the eBook Library Software (EBL), you can purchase and download your favourite titles to read on your PC or transfer to your Digital Reader to be read anytime, anywhere.


1. Set up your eBook Store account
You must use the eBook Library software (a.k.a. "EBL") to create and access your account information and to purchase, download, and transfer eBooks.
Go here to download the eBook Library software.

2. Shop the eBook Store for your favorite titles
Launch the EBL software (icon shown above) from your desktop and sign in to your account. Browse the Store or search for your favorite titles and add them to your shopping cart.

3. Purchase and download your titles to read on your PC
After completing your purchase, your eBooks will automatically download to your PC. Once you receive the download complete message, click on the 'Library' heading in the left tree menu to view the list of titles in your library and read them on your PC.

1. Connect your Digital Reader to your PC
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2. Authorize your Digital Reader to your eBook Store account
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3. Transfer your eBook titles to your Digital Reader
Transferring eBooks to your Digital Reader is easy. Just drag and drop your eBook titles from your personal Library to the 'Digital Reader' icon located in the left tree menu of the EBL software. You can also 'right-click' on the title of an eBook and click 'transfer'. To view and mange the titles on your Digital Reader, click on the 'Digital Reader' icon in the left tree menu of the EBL software.


1. Submit your publisher and book information
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2. We will notify you for followup
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Purchase one of Debby Allen's ebooks from The Sony eBooks Store and you will be entered into the 'Authors of Romance eBooks' blog contest. Just send your proof of purchase to (making sure there are no credit/debit details attached) and you could get a years free promotion. Please go to for more details.
Purchase link for Hibiscus Bay
Purchase link for Mistletoe and Ouzo Kisses


A Knight's Illusion by Melissa Wathington
Lady Leo Publishing
Romance - ebook
5 Stars

Lisette Adams has seen her share of bad luck. Her parents were killed when she was young and her first love has totally disregarded her. She left to attend college with the quest of completing her degree and joining the ranks of those searching for a successful career. Then she met her knight riding in on a white horse, Will, or so she thought. Lisette started to question Will's heart when her true feelings for an old friend came to the surface.

Tyson was a close friend of Lisette's. In fact they grew up together – his family took her in after the death of her parents. Tyson's marriage is shaky and he attempts to discuss his issues with Lisette but things didn't work out. A few weeks later he is in a deadly car accident. Lisette isn't certain that he will survive, so she sheds her heart while standing vigil by his hospital bed. Will Lisette be able to ride off into the sunset with her knight after all?

Wathington is a superb storyteller. The character development and vivid emotional details are magnificent. The flashbacks, romantic drama, and love left unspoken cumulate in a page turning romance. Wathington is definitely an author to watch.

Melissa Wathington can be contacted at,, or

Reviewing for Real Page Turners
Purchasing Information: Lady Leo Publishing

'Pitch Dark' by Brooke London. Available from

Review: Review By Madame Butterfly at
The author of this book, Brooke London, an author I never heard of, friended me on facebook and I decided to try her book. It’s her first book as far as I know and I must say, it’s really impressive for a first book.Pitch Dark is fast-paced thriller, which I couldn’t put down.
Alyssa is a young techy genius type who worked for the CSIS, Canadian Intelligence, as an expert computer hacker. It was a rough life though and having inadvertently been responsible for the deaths of some innocent people, she left and reverted back to her other love, music, and is living a nice quiet life playing in a symphony.
Unfortunately for her though, her grandfather has created a new, highly secret technology that can suck oil from the Alberta oil sands and he needs her to go to Connor, owner of a company who will financially back her grandfather, to check out Connor’s computer systems for security leaks.
While at Connor’s company/home compound in Colorado, she and Connor are chased, shot at and all kinds of things start happening. They blow it off as coincidence until two terrorist attacks on oil fields happen simultaneously in the world, and then one man who Alyssa thought was trying to kill her gets caught and it turns out he’s Israeli Mossad. At that point, Connor, who is ex CIA, knows there’s something more serious going on. When after all that her grandfather disappears, she and Connor decide to go to the CSIS to get help.
All the while of course, Connor and Alyssa find themselves intensely attracted to each other and get it on, but it’s not an easy road for either of them.
The Plot: this is a suspense novel and I thought the plot was well thought out and executed. It was intense, gripping, full of intrigue and totally plausible. Al-Qaeda are trying to control America and the world market by blowing up and messing with Saudi Arabia’s biggest oil well and the largest Alberta Oil sands all in one go.
Knowing about Alyssa’s grandfather’s new invention, which could make the world’s other biggest oil reserve viably extractable, taking away from the Saudi world oil monopoly, the terrorists decide to blow up her grandfather’s plant with a nuclear weapon, eradicating all of it. Of course, they are getting help from some inside US and Canadian Gov. officials who have their own agenda and need the formula, which only Alyssa and her grandfather know.
The romance: Connor and Alyssa absolutely sizzle together and the romantic part of this story was very sensual and profound.
I’m a huge fan of the reluctant heroine and in this book Alyssa is definitely a reluctant heroine. Where she differed from most reluctant heroines is that she really is screwed up. Not just that, “oh I suck so bad, who’d ever want me” reluctant. Nope, I mean, she’s so messed up that she does go off the deep end a few times.
She’s had such a nasty past, totally rejected and treated like a pariah from her father because her mom died giving birth to her. Then she went to live with her grandfather who wasn’t all that loving or warm to her either. Her fears of abandonment and the walls she’s built around herself are so deep, that when she starts falling in love for the first time ever, she totally freaks as those barriers start cracking. As a character she’s so well written and believable and I really liked her.
Then there’s Connor, the hero. When I started reading this book I was kind of in a funk about heroes. I’ve just read too many heroes recently that don’t really stand out. They’re all nice, really nice. The typical hero: honorable, broody, quiet, emotionally broken, blah, blah…and here comes Connor who is straight away nice to Alyssa.
The only difference here, and it was kind of refreshing, is that he’s normal. No screwed up past, not all quiet and emo deep, nope, he’s just a normal, well adjusted guy. And he gloms onto Alyssa in the beginning to the point where even she thinks she needs space from him, feeling he’s a bit too needy. Me too at that point. And so I though oh crap, not another boring goody two shoes guy who you think you have to duck out that back window to get away from for someone with some spunk.
But wait...out of nowhere, Connor starts showing that he’s got some major testosterone and he lets Alyssa know in no uncertain terms that he wants her and he’s going to do what ever it takes to have her and prove his love. Yes! Finally a hero with balls, but who isn’t the uber domineering alpha who doesn’t give the heroine a moment to breathe.
He really is that perfect hero. He jumps in and protects her, stands up for her, makes love to her with a raging intensity out of his deep need for her and fear of loosing her, and…he knows when to back off and give her space, not pushing too much after he gets what’s making her tick. Wow… I need more of these please.
Pitch Dark is one of the best romantic suspense novels I’ve read in a while. There’s a nice easy flow to Brooke London’s writing style and from this book, she has an ability to write well rounded, complex characters while keeping them from coming across as stereotypical and stale. Her ability to slowly build up on the plot and keep the tension going at just the right pace is just as fine. I’ll definitely be looking out for more of her books.
Sex rating: Crotchless panty- the sexual situations are written with a lot of intensity and passion, but with soft, non graphic, sensual language. This is not an erotic romance on that level. Still, very spicy though.
Grade: A
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'Murphy's Law' by Rebecca Sinclair. Available from Kensington Books.

"Rebecca Sinclair has penned a humorous tale of two unlikely people stranded in a snowstorm, thrown in a furry feline, and come up with a winner. Creatively using Murphy's Laws to begin each chapter, and tying the chapter directly to the quoted "law", Ms. Sinclair displays her unique and creative writing ability. MURPHY'S LAW is a winner." -- Romance Communications, 11/15/99

"Rebecca Sinclair makes the transition from historical to contemporary romance with panache. MURPHY'S LAW is witty, wicked and wonderful." -- Deb Stover, best-selling author

"Rebecca Sinclair shifts smoothly into this genre with a funny, heartwarming story about everything that can go wrong before two people find exactly what's right. An irresistible story for anyone who has ever felt as though "Murphy's Law" is in effect." 5 Stars!! -- The Word Museum
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'The Fire Still Burns' by Crystal-Rain Love
Review by Book Universe - 5 STARS

The last place Brynn Harlow wanted to step foot in was Black Bear Gorge. She hated the town as much as they hated her, but she had no choice. She needed money and was hired as a P.I. to investigate the string of arson attacks and possible murder of one of their citizens. Zeek Goods murder to be exact. The man who convinced the town she was a whore, which led to her leaving thirteen years ago. The man she detested most in the world. The man who kept her away from her only love, his brother, Adam Good. Now it was up to Brynn and Adam to put their mixed, unresolved feelings aside and catch the arsonist. Brynn just hopes she can do it quick before Adam realizes that all he thought he knew of what transpired thirteen years ago was a lie, and before he saw that Brynn’s son looked an awful lot like him.

WOW! Rain has been bugging me to read her debut novel, The Fire Still Burns for a while now. I’ve had it in my computer for months, but just got around to reading it now. I knew it was going to be good, I read her second novel, Moonlit Dream, and I thought it was awesome (Read the review here). But damn, if I knew it was going to be THIS good, I would have read it the moment I got it! I don’t really know what to say, everything sounds cliché and doesn’t feel like it’ll do her book justice. All I can say is that Crystal-Rain Love has a great talent for storytelling. She creates great stories with conflicts, twists and turns, and honest characters with flaws. She paints a clear picture of the characters and their surroundings, immersing one into her fictional world in a way that makes you feel part of the story. In this case, I felt like part the town of Black Bear Gorge, eavesdropping and gossiping with the best of them, gawking at Brynn and Adams' displays of affection. But unlike the rest of the town, we are privy to their intimate moments too, with eachother and by themselves; we hear their every thought, their hopes, dreams, and fears.

So instead of wasting your time reading this review, you should go buy her e-book! Why are you still reading this!? GO GET THE FIRE STILL BURNS BY CRYSTAL-RAIN LOVE (don’t you love her name???)

Today’s lesson: When Rain tells you to read her book, READ IT, like, YESTERDAY.
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'The Cowboy Way' by Cat Lovington
Review by The Romance Studio - 41/2 Stars

Chance McCabe was the trail boss at the Double Eagle Dude Ranch. He worked hard and wanted to keep his job. Fraternization with the guests was a reason for immediate dismissal. Maggie had been at the Ranch last year and was back this summer. She had never forgotten Chance. She was young, but she knew what she wanted. When Maggie left the ranch on Major’s back, the weather was fine. Lightening frightened both of them. Major threw her off and left her in the mud.
Chance found Maggie and helped her to his saddle and headed for the line shack in the remote area of the ranch. Maggie was determined to surrender herself to him regardless of his attitude.
Ms. Lovington did a great job of telling this story in a concise manner. I feel it’s harder to convey a storyline with a strong plot when the book is short. Nevertheless, Lovington managed to pen a great book. Her characters were strong and dynamic. They were both determined—each with their own agenda. The actions were explicit, but not uncomfortable.
The sex sizzled and the attraction was great even though they didn’t discuss the future. The ending was a surprise as was the actions that took place the morning after. It was definitely not what either expected. This was a great story which I recommend. You will be glad you read it.
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'Remember me' by Genella DeGray.
Available from Freya's Bower.

PNR Reviews
"A Fallen Angel never looked so good!!"
The story of the fallen angels, thrust from God's sight, is as old as time. There was one angel who Lucifer deceived, but God still banished him from his sight to the human realm. Dacious vowed to do what he could to earn a place back with the creator. He meets and falls in love with a human with an aura of light. Gemmah Parker is the apprentice to one of the greatest clairvoyants. From the moment Gemmah meets Dacious, she knows that he's something special. A lust filled vampire, Lucifer himself, and even the hand of God stand between Gemmah and Dacious.
I've never read a tale that included not only creation, but the birth of Lucifer as a Fallen Angel, and those that followed him. The writing was so seamless that it never missed a beat as it turned a well known story into a treasure written by Genella De Grey. Remember Me is a historical paranormal that will leave any reader breathless and wanting more. The ingenious mixture of past lives and current chaos created a tale so engrossing that from the first page to the last, I couldn't look away.
Gemmah fought for what she believed in, for whom she loved, and then she fought to set him free. Every emotion she experienced was written beautifully and in a way that could be related to with ease. Dacious, punished for eternity for a crime he'd not been aware he was committing made my heart break for him. His quest for redemption spoke volumes of his character. These two characters are memorable in that they fought past their flaws and never wavered from their internal light.
Genella deGrey has a gift for storytelling and I look forward to future tales from her. This is a treasure to anyone who needs a get-away read that has it all, romance with heat burning up the pages, a historical set in polite society, and even an angel or two.
Reviewed by Kristy Bock
Posted June 11, 2009
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